Minerals are important to most functions and structure of the human body. They are required for proper brain function, regulation of metabolism and even maintaining healthy bones. The minerals found in the food we consume came from the soil from which it is grown. Contemporary commercial farming methods that place priority on traits such as growth rate, size, as well as pest resistance instead of nutrition that have decreased the soil of important minerals. Get more info on Spirulina. Smaller farms are more cognizant regarding the quality of the soil and actively work in order to replace the lost components.

As luck would have it, adding freshwater algae as well as sea vegetables in your diet can be a great means to meet the requirements of your body for these vital nutrients in a very absorbable form.

Freshwater algae: Spirulina and Chlorella

Both of these are nutrient-dense algae that are grown in pools of fresh water that is rich in minerals. They are seen of be rejuvenators of the body and are known to enhance energy levels particularly mental energy. They are being sold as individual powders and its flavor is so strong, as a result, they are best taken by mixing in a yogurt or a smoothie. As an alternative, you can also take them in a form of tablet or capsule.

The freshwater algae are also typical components of powdered green supplements together with an array of other nutrients which are usually flavored and can be amalgamated with water to have an energizing drink. Get more info on more benefits. A couple of brands have sample sizes, as a result, you are able to find one that is suitable to your palate.

Sea vegetables

Plants that are growing in the ocean are continually bathed with mineral-rich seawater. A lot of high quality sea vegetables or seaweeds have 10 to 20 times the minerals present in land vegetables. They are a great source of bioavailable potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, iodine and a lot more. The exact amount of each and every nutrient is dependent on the temperature of the water, season of the year, geographic area and species. There are various kinds of sea vegetables that can easily be bought dried and ready for utilization. They differ in flavor, texture and appearance. All are a good means to add umami or savory taste to the dish. There are a lot of menus in which you can add these sea vegetables. Learn more from https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2016/01/07/what-is-chlorella-green-algae-_n_6940872.html.

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